Discover the Future with Buropa Industry: "Made in Morocco, Designed for the World".

Unmatched Expertise and Exceptional Quality: Buropa Industry's Legacy

Buropa Industry is a subsidiary of Buropa, capitalizing on its extensive experience in the world of international brands to offer Buropa Industry unparalleled expertise and exceptional quality products that meet the strictest standards and compete with global brands.

The Call of 'Made in Morocco'

Buropa Industry is resolutely answering the call of 'Made in Morocco'. Our strategic transition towards industrialization, initiated within a section of our range, enhances our competitiveness to meet the demanding market expectations. We preserve the essence of Buropa Industry: quality products that conform to international standards. This exciting evolution strengthens our position in the market while highlighting global excellence. Through the integration of state-of-the-art machinery and skilled workforce, we are successfully realizing this vision of industrialization.

Towards the Future

Buropa Industry is firmly focused on the future while remaining committed to environmental preservation. We have invested in a factory equipped with cutting-edge experts and machinery to meet international demand. Our ongoing pursuit of innovation, superior quality, and sustainability continues to guide our journey towards excellence in the industry.

Buropa Industry:

  • Proximity to Africa and Europe.
  • Competitive logistics costs.
  • Availability of skilled workforce.
  • Use of state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Commitment to environmental protection.
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The Rise of Quality Moroccan Industry

Our Activities

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Explore Our Manufacturing in Depth

  • Factory paper

    At the heart of Buropa Industry, we have established a factory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and supervised by a team of qualified experts. Our commitment is firmly focused on converting large-format rolls, with a diversification into two main types: bisphenol-A-free thermal rolls and plotters. Our ultramodern facilities are designed to meet the most demanding standards in the paper transformation industry. This advanced technology allows us to ensure efficient and precise transformation while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental preservation.

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    Factory pen

    We are excited to introduce the commencement of premium pen assembly, solidifying our role as a trailblazer in Africa. This initiative marks a noteworthy progression for the African industry, emphasizing our steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of writing instruments. As we embark on this venture, our goal is to redefine standards and contribute to the advancement of the writing experience. we shape the future of writing tools alongside industry leaders.

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  • Factory bag

    Buropa Industry excels in backpacks manufacturing through advanced industrialization, state-of-the-art machinery, skilled workforce, innovative design from our engineering department, and a rigorous production process that ensures optimal quality.

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Going Green

In our production process, we consider environmental protection as a fundamental obligation. For example, during paper transformation, we collect the cores of the rolls for reuse, thus contributing to waste reduction and the preservation of our natural resources.

Furthermore, we have embarked on the process of obtaining HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) certification to strengthen our commitment to rigorous environmental and safety standards. This initiative reflects our dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint while ensuring the safety of our employees and customers.

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