Factory paper

At the core of Buropa Industry, we have established a factory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and supervised by a team of qualified experts. Our commitment is firmly focused on the conversion of large-format rolls, with diversification into two main types: bisphenol-A-free thermal rolls and plotters. Our ultramodern facilities are designed to meet the most demanding standards in the paper transformation industry. This advanced technology allows us to ensure efficient and precise transformation while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental preservation.

Leadership in Factory Paper: Excellence, Innovation, and Sustainability at Buropa Industry

We have solidified our reputation as a leader in the paper transformation industry, thanks to our ability to constantly innovate and deliver exceptional quality. At Buropa Industry, we believe that the future lies in the fusion of advanced technology, highly skilled workforce, and commitment to sustainability. We take pride in our role as a key player in this evolution, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to operational excellence to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Team of Factory Paper Experts

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals, specializing in the paper transformation industry, particularly in large-format printing media. Every day, we strive to provide effective solutions to meet the ever-evolving market challenges and satisfy our customers' expectations. We are committed to ensuring that all our actions consistently meet or exceed expectations.

  • Environmental Respect

  • Smooth Surface

  • Exceptional Durability


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